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Self-Guided Activities

Asbury Woods has everything you need to begin an adventure.

Explore our 234 acres of preserved property which includes native species, old-growth forests, landscaped gardens, wetlands, boardwalk trails, and dirt trails. Our self-guided activities are a fun way to traverse the trails for free!

Self Guided Activities v2

Exhibit Hall Scavenger Hunt

Check out the taxidermy and live animals on display inside the Exhibit Hall. Use the self-guided book at the front desk.

Compass Course

Compass Course

Asbury Woods has a compass course hidden throughout the trails that is fun for the whole family to explore. We've provided instructions about how to use a compass as well as directions for each course.

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A real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Geocaching members follow a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache container hidden at that location.

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Discovery Apps v2

Discovery Apps

Looking to identify birds, trees, or wildflowers while on your hike? Download one of these apps to help you along the way.

Merlin ID by The Cornell Lab:Identify the birds you see or hear with Merlin Bird ID. This is a free global bird guide with photos, sounds, maps, and more. 

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Seek by iNaturalistUse the power of image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals all around you.

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Tour of Trees Hike

Welcome to the Asbury Woods Tour of Trees!

Along this trail, you’ll find trees marked with QR codes. Use your phone’s camera (or a QR app) and click the link to be directed to a webpage about that type of tree. There are 16 QR codes about different trees along the trail, which covers approximately 0.30 miles and takes about 20 minutes to walk. You can start at either end and do them in any order, just follow the Eagle Trail. Along the way, you will discover the many varieties of trees we have at Asbury Woods, from maple to pine to oak. Resources include information from Asbury Woods, the Arbor Day Foundation, and other organizations that work with trees. Enjoy learning about common trees at Asbury Woods!