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Trout in the Classroom

Trout in the Classroom Overview:     

“Trout in the Classroom” is coming to Asbury Woods! Eggs will be received from a local hatchery then raised to the fingerling stage and released. Throughout this process, the public will be able to observe trout development and learn all about the trout life cycle and freshwater ecosystems. Be sure to check our program schedule to see how you can get involved.

Trout in the Classroom has been providing classrooms with the unique experience of raising their own trout from egg to fingerling for over 30 years. This program, in partnership with Trout Unlimited, typically reaches over 100,000 students annually across the country.  This program has been in Pennsylvania since 2006, resulting in classrooms raising and releasing brown, rainbow, and brook trout.

Having Trout in the Classroom at Asbury Woods will allow us to help maintain an essential fish species and also provide the opportunity to enhance our aquatic environmental education programs and launch new aquatic-themed programs.  With this project, students and other visitors can take a deeper look into freshwater ecosystems, the importance of our watersheds, the need for maintaining natural resources, and the demand for water conservation.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our Trout in the Classroom program, contact our Director of Development and Marketing Stephen J. Engro at

Weekly Blogs

Join our Environmental Educator, Emma Mader, as she documents the life cycle and development of our rainbow trout from eggs to fingerlings as part of our program Trout in the Classroom. Throughout this process, the public will be able to observe trout development and learn all about the trout life cycle and freshwater ecosystems.


Visit the exhibit hall often to watch the trout develop.

  1. The tank has been pre-cycled throughout December 2022 in preparation for the trout egg arrival.
  2. In early January, our roughly 200 trout eggs will arrive.
  3. By the end of January, our trout eggs will have hatched becoming “sac-fry” and will enter the alevin stage in the trout life cycle. 
  4. Trout will be in the alevin stage for 1-3 weeks and then they become fry.
  5. Trout will be in the fry stage for 6-8 weeks.
  6. Once trout reach the fingerling stage, they will be released into a local waterway. This will be in May or June.
  7. The tank will be prepped for the next round of trout eggs!


Trout Eggs3
Trout Eggs Week2c
Trout Eggs Week2b
Week 3
Trout fry Web1
Week 3b
Trout fry Web
Release Web1
Release W2
Release Web3
Release web4
Trout in Classroom 6a
Trout in Classroom 6c
Trout in Classroom 6d
Trout in Classroom 4d

Commonly Asked Questions

  • What kind of fish are these?
  • How many are there?
  • What do they eat?
  • Where are you releasing them?

Additional Resources


Pennsylvania Trout in the Classroom is made possible by a unique partnership between the Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited (PATU) and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).

Sponsored by Angelo's Salon Development Group and Pennsylvania Steelhead Association.

Special thanks to the Northwest PA Chapter of Trout Unlimited for making this project possible.

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