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Volunteer Spotlight: Sydney Klakeg

SydneyKlakeg email picVolunteer Spotlight: Sydney Klakeg

Sydney Klakeg grew up with a love of nature. Her family would often spend time outdoors, sparking her curiosity for the world around her. That love of nature and its connection with the human body has transpired into a pursuit in biology with an interest in becoming a rural physician. “In the future, I would like to inspire patients to connect with nature when focusing on their wellbeing.”

Looking for ways to explore the great outdoors, she heard about Asbury Woods through peers at Gannon University who recommended the numerous hiking trails and seasonal winter activities. She started hiking the trails with friends and has loved coming to Asbury Woods ever since!

Sydney wanted to volunteer in the community to connect with others and saw that there were many different volunteer opportunities at Asbury Woods. She began volunteering with some of our kids’ programs and even helped at some of our events. “I have really enjoyed volunteering with the educational children’s programs. The staff and families are so kind, and I love sharing my passion for nature with others.” She encourages others to take that first step and sign up to be a volunteer. “I was a bit nervous at first but now volunteering here is the highlight of my week. I have learned so much, and even if I feel inexperienced for an event, I now know it is an opportunity to expand my knowledge. I love how there are so many different options to help, so I am always trying something new. It is a wonderful way to connect with other people in the community and with the staff members. All the volunteers truly give their time out of pure interest, passion, and love of Asbury Woods.”

When Sydney is not giving of her time at Asbury Woods, she enjoys hiking along the trails with friends, and even trying her hand at cross country skiing. “I love that all year round there is something to enjoy here!” We thank Sydney for all the great work she has done helping us with our programs and events and appreciate people like Sydney who just want to share their love of nature and Asbury Woods with the community! If you would like to volunteer, check out the volunteer opportunities listed on our website under “Get Involved,” or contact Rachel Hull, Development Associate at 814-836-6181 or