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Paving Project Update

Paving with lines

Our long-awaited paving project to make a designated parking lot near the meadow on Asbury Road, south of the entrance to the Nature Center is complete! It has been an undesignated parking area with old, patchy asphalt including a section that appeared to head into the woods.

Asbury Woods considers the impact on the environment, habitats, and people when taking on new projects. This one is a win for the environment and people as it is reducing the amount of impervious surface by approximately 500 square yards and grass will be planted which helps with stormwater runoff. Additionally, we gain designated parking places to help spread people out on the property when using the trails. Also, the paving contractor is using the millings from the asphalt that is being removed as a base layer under the new parking lot which saves them from ending up in a landfill. 

PavingProject meadow 5 WEB
PavingProject meadow 6 WEB
PavingProject meadow 7 WEB