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Creek Exploration

Stompin' and Splashin'

Spend a few hours in the ultimate kid or kid-at-heart activity by exploring Walnut Creek.  Walnut Creek is a 22-mile long tributary of Lake Erie with headwaters just south of the Millcreek Mall and empties into Lake Erie in Fairview at the publicly accessible Walnut Creek Access Area.  The entire length of Walnut Creek is a renowned steelhead fishery.  Asbury Woods property offers free public access for recreation along this important Creek of the Lake Erie Watershed. 

A short hike from either the Asbury Park or Browns Farm trailheads, Walnut Creek offers hours of fun, relaxation, learning and ample picturesque backdrops for photos.  Wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy cataloging the array of animals that call the creek home from macroinvertebrates, to water snakes, frogs, fish, insects and more.  Is Geology more your interest?  The steep shale cliffs that border much of the Creek provide a glimpse back in time to an era when the entire area was covered by an ancient ocean.  The creek banks provide happy hunting grounds to search for fossils and interesting rocks.  Of course, relaxation may be more your style and Walnut Creek offers an excellent setting to wade in the cool waters, picnic on its banks or simply soak in the soothing sounds of the babbling waters and the surrounding forest.

Want a preview before you visit?  Watch our Virtual Visits that feature the portion of Walnut Creek that runs through Asbury Woods.

A Splash Back in Time Virtual Visit
Water Quality Virtual Visit