Education Programs for Schools


As an educational facility, the core purpose of Asbury Woods is to educate people of all ages about northwest Pennsylvania’s unique and diverse habitats and natural resources. Our hands-on programs directly complement what students are learning in school, and address the Pennsylvania State Education Standards for Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology. At Asbury Woods, we look forward to making “science come alive” for your students. Our outdoor classrooms provide the resources needed to address science and environment standards in engaging ways.

Planning a School Visit

Our curriculum is tailored for pre-school through 8th grade. We offer two-hour programs for $6.00 per child with a minimum of 10 in the group. An all day visit (3.5-5 hours) is also available for $8.00 per child. For more information about any of the following programs or to schedule your class, please contact us at (814) 835-5356 or fill out the program inquiry form.

Program Offerings by Grade Level

The following is a list of grade specific programs. These programs are available to students from all districts, based on availability of dates. Pre-visit and Post-visit activities are available and are required for some programs. All address the PA State Education Standards and Anchors for Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology.

PreK: Seasonal options can be tailored to match the theme your class is exploring. (2 hour visit)

Kindergarten: Senses-Explore how people and animals use their senses. (2 hour visit)

Grade 1: Maple Syrup Historical Production Tour & Animal Classification: Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Mammals, Insects, Fish. (2 hour visit)

Grade 2: Habitats: Food, Shelter, Water, and Space (4 hour visit)

Grade 3: Life Cycles: Including Complete and Incomplete Metamorphosis (4 hour visit)

Grade 4: Food Chains/Webs: Producers/Consumers/Natural Resources and the relationships and interdependence between them. (4 hour visit)

Grade 5: Ecosystems: Investigations of the abiotic and biotic factors of the field, swamp, and forest. Includes an ecosystem oriented orienteering lesson. (2 full days)

Grade 6: Introduction to Wetlands and Watersheds, at Brown’s Farm. (4 hour visit)

Grade 7: Watersheds: Chemical/Biological/Physical Assessment of the Walnut Creek Watershed from the Brown’s Farm site. (4 hour visit)

Grade 8: Green Building Curriculum entitled “It’s Easy Being Green”. Students learn what they can do to help the environment. Includes lab stations set up for the students to determine if the Nature Center’s green building is actually green and doing what it is designed to do. (2 hour or 4 hour visit)

Grade 9: Take a Geology Hike along the Greenway Trail to explore the geologic history of our region.Students will see landscape formations and rock types common to our area. (2 hour visit)

Grade 10: Biodiversity Unit. Students learn how to do plot studies to determine population, dominant species, and diversity of trees, tree identification.(2 hour visit)

11th and 12th Grades: Our 11th and 12th grade programs can be tailored to your individual needs. Possible topics include tree identification using dichotomous keys, environmental issues, or advanced watershed measurements and study are all exciting options at these grade levels. (2 or 4 hour visit)

To register or for more information, please contact Kelley Lang, Director of Education and Community Programs, at (814) 836-6178 or fill out the program inquiry form.