Class Visits to Asbury Woods


Environmental Education programs at Asbury Woods deliberately incorporate rich and meaningful STEM connections into every unit, use diverse portions of our property so returning students remain engaged and excited, and integrate technology to complement the way today’s students learn. Each program in life science, physical science, and Earth and space science provides exposure to a variety of hands-on learning activities using Asbury Woods as outdoor, natural classrooms.

Planning a School Visit

Our curriculum topics below are tailored for Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade classes. We offer half day (2 hour) and full day (4 hour) visits depending on topic. 

For more information about any of the following programs or to schedule your visit, please contact Sarah Lewis, School Programs Manager, at (814) 836-6186.

Program Offerings 

These programs are available to students from all districts, based on availability of dates. Pre-visit and post-visit activities are available for all topics and are required for some programs. All programs address the PA State Education Standards and Anchors for Science & Technology and Environment & Ecology and reference NGSS.


  • My Senses: My First Science Tools
  • Project Seasons: Discovering How Plants and Animals Respond to Seasonal Changes
  • (Available Spring 2020) The Day the Trash Came Out to Play: Recycling, Composting, and Rethinking our “Trash”

Kindergarten – Second Grade

  • Weather Works: Measuring Weather and Climate
  • Can I Put a Habitat in My Pocket: Protecting Wild Places and Spaces
  • From Sun – Syrup: How Plants and People Capture and Produce the Energy We Need to Grow (Available Late February – April)
  • (Available Spring 2020) Let it Flow, Let it Grow: How Living Things Use Matter and Energy
  • (Available Spring 2020) Nature of Motion: Exploring How Plants and Animals Use the Physics of Forces and Motion
  • (Available Spring 2020) Squishy Eggs, Crunchy Seeds: Growth and Development of Living Things
  • (Available Spring 2020) Reading the Land: Using Maps and Geography to Explore My World

Third – Fifth Grade

  • A Little Drop Changed the Earth: Roles of Water on Earth’s Surface and Processes
  • A Break in the Chain: Discovering How Consumption and Energy Transfer Sustain Life on Earth
  • EcoSeekers: Discovering, Protecting, and Restoring Healthy Ecosystems
  • (Available Spring 2020) Growing Up Wild: Discovering Life Cycles of Plants and Animals
  • (Available Spring 2020) Story Rocks: History of Planet Earth & Fossils
  • (Available Spring 2020) The Earth is My Home: Measuring the Human Impact on Earth’s Resources

Sixth – Eighth Grade

  • Watershed Analysis: A Deep Dive into Water Quality Locally and Globally
  • Weather and Climate: Data Collection, Interpretation, and Prediction
  • (Available Spring 2020) Parking Lots or Wetlands: Exploring Human Impacts on Water
  • (Available Spring 2020) Change Begins With Me: Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources
  • (Available Spring 2020) Echos in the Rock: Uncovering the History of Planet Earth, Earth Processes and Systems
  • (Available Spring 2020) The Day the Earth Moved: Detecting and Predicting Natural Hazards
  • (Available Spring 2020) Do You Have What I Need: Types of Relationships in Nature, Populations, Natural Resources