School-Based Programming Options


Asbury Woods is excited make our nature-based, STEM curriculum available to schools throughout the region, helping teachers to meet science, technology, math, and environment and ecology standards at the K – 8th grade levels during the 2020 – 21 school year. With awareness the schools and educators need flexibility and options to meet their student’s needs, we are able to offer Asbury Woods STEM experiences in a variety of delivery formats and are ready to be responsive to changing situations as schools throughout the year.


In-person visit to the Nature Center: two or four hour visits are available, with group sizes limited to 25 per group (including, students, teacher, chaperones and one Asbury Woods Educator).  Visit activities will be conducted primarily outdoors, following recommended COVID-19 safety and cleaning protocols.

Outreach visit to schools: Asbury Woods education staff come to the school campus for an outdoor-based experience that utilizes the school property and includes Asbury Woods equipment and technology being brought to the students.  This is ideal for schools that have transportation and/or field trip limitations in place this school year.

Virtual and synchronous: Asbury Woods educator will be live in the field on Asbury Woods property conducting the experiments, collecting samples, and showcasing the Asbury Woods property while students view in real-time from their home or classroom. These visits will provide for real-time interaction, questions and discussion.  Preparatory materials will be sent ahead of time along with post-lesson assessment tools that teachers can use to ensure students grasped the essential concepts.

Virtual and asynchronous: For schools that prefer entirely pre-packaged and pre-recorded video content, Asbury Woods has recorded lessons with our education team in the field and they will be sent with preparatory and assessment tools.

Planning a School Visit

For more information about any of the following programs or to schedule your visit, please contact Sarah Lewis, School Programs Manager, at (814) 836-6186.

Content Topics and Scheduling

All of the visits listed below may be delivered as an in-person, outreach or remote experience. Each visit topic has a scheduled release date, indicating when we begin offering that particular visit.  We are currently accepting bookings for all of these visits.


My Senses: My First Science Tools (Available March 1) 

Project Seasons: Discovering How Plants and Animals Respond to Seasonal Changes (Available November 1) 

The Day the Trash Came Out to Play: Recycling, Composting, and Rethinking our “Trash” (Available March 1)

Kindergarten – Second Grade

Weather Works: Measuring Weather and Climate (Available beginning November 1)

Can I Put a Habitat in My Pocket: Protecting Wild Places and Spaces (Available beginning October 1)

From Sun – Syrup: How Plants and People Capture and Produce the Energy We Need to Grow (Available beginning February 30 – April 30)

Squishy Eggs, Crunchy Seeds: Growth and Development of Living Things (Available March 1 – June 10)

Third – Fifth Grade

A Little Drop Changed the Earth: Roles of Water on Earth’s Surface and Processes (Available beginning November 1)

A Break in the Chain: Discovering How Consumption and Energy Transfer Sustain Life on Earth (Available beginning October 15)

EcoSeekers: Discovering, Protecting, and Restoring Healthy Ecosystems (Available beginning October 1)

Growing Up Wild: Discovering Life Cycles of Plants and Animals (Available beginning March 1- June 10)

The Earth is My Home: Measuring the Human Impact on Earth’s Resources (Available beginning November 1)

Sixth – Eighth Grade

Watershed Analysis: A Deep Dive into Water Quality Locally and Globally (Available beginning October 1)

Parking Lots or Wetlands: Exploring Human Impacts on Water (Available March 1)

Change Begins With Me: Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources (Available beginning January 1)