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  • Posted Jul 13, 2018

    Adventures From a Bluebird Hike

    By: Katelyn Meyer, Asbury Woods Summer Naturalist Intern

    My first experience on a bluebird hike was an adventure. What should you expect when you go on a bluebird hike? 

  • Posted Jul 09, 2018

    Monarch Butterflies

    By: Alyson Munson, Asbury Woods Marketing and Communications Intern

    In their larval stage, Monarch butterflies feed exclusively on milkweed, these plants are full of toxins which make the butterflies taste unappealing to their predators. Our Field Garden located on the right side of the nature center was created as a station for birds and butterflies of all kinds. Filled with many different native species, this gardens most popular feature is the milkweed plants which attract these beautiful butterflies who are looking to lay their eggs! 

  • Posted Jun 15, 2018

    Weekly Walking Groups

    Interested in learning our trails? Join us for one of two weekly walking group hikes to get your heart rate up, meet friends and learn out trails.

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