Drop-in and Discover

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Looking for something wild to do? Nature comes alive Saturday mornings at Asbury Woods. Stop in each week for a new hands-on, minds-on, staff-facilitated educational activity that are free and open to the public. Each week will offer a new experience to discover.

Presented by UMPC Health Plan.

Drop-in and Discover begins at 11:00 a.m 

Drop In And Discover 1

January 4 - When the world around us is all white and gray, stop in for art and science exploring color. 

Drop In And Discover 2

January 11 - Join us for our new animal tracks and signs collection and discover how we can learn about animals even if we do not see them. 

Drop In And Discover 3

January 18 - Join us as we use our new underwater camera to see what is going on in the fish and turtle ponds. Make a fish craft to take home.

Drop In And Discover 4

January 25 - Try out some of our new weather sensing tools to measure the weather and discover how animals survive changing temperatures in the environment. 

Drop In And Discover 5

February 1 - Join us for Groundhog's Day as we use light and shadows to explore how big and small native animals are.

Drop In And Discover 6

February 8 - Make a treasure box from an egg carton, then join us for a short hike to find and collect treasure for our boxes. 

Drop In And Discover 7

February 15 - Join us for a nature hike as we use a variety of tools to measure nature. Can you find a tree that is as old as you in our forest?

Drop In And Discover 8

February 22 - With the help of our wireless magnifiers, let's discover the smaller things living at Asbury Woods. Weather permitting, this Drop-in will include a nature hike.

Drop In And Discover 9

February 29 - Join us for Leap Day as we Discover the animals at Asbury Woods that use jumping, hopping, and leaping to get around.