Drop-in and Discover

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Looking for something wild to do? Nature comes alive Saturday mornings at Asbury Woods. Join us for one of two drop-in programs this season. 

11:00 a.m

Stop in each week for a new hands-on, minds-on, staff-facilitated educational activity that are free and open to the public. Each week will offer a new experience to discover.


  • May 4: Spring flowers - Learn about the different parts of a sprint flower and what makes them different from other flowers found in other seasons.
  • May 11: All about plants - Explore all things that photosynthesize and why they're so important for the rest of life on the planet.

    May 18: What lives in a pond? - Many different plants and animals live in this unique ecosystem. Learn all about it with us!
  • May 25: Bird beak lab - There are so many different types of bills a bird can have. Learn all about what different birds eat based on their beak shape.


  • June 1: No Drop-in program as we host the Into the Woods 5 Miler Trail race
  • June 8: Summer Fun - Take advantage of all there is to do in the area when it's warm out. Explore different activities that cant' be done in other seasons.
  • June 15: Mystery animal meet and greet - Learn about one of the animals that lives in the exhibit hall inside the Nature Center.
  • June 22: Hike like a Naturalist - Go on a short hike with an Asbury Woods naturalist. Learn howto enjoy the woods while respecting the plants and animals that call Asbury Woods home.
  • June 29: Why you should care about climate change - Global warming affects everyone. Learn about small changes you can make at home to help make a difference.