Drop-in and Discover

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COVID-19 Safety Updates:

We will be requiring pre-registration for this free event and limiting attendance to 18 participants to comply with safe social-distancing protocols. In addition, we will be hosting the event outside, the Nature Center is closed to the public. Please dress for an adventure outdoors.

The Nature Center is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5 p.m. The trails remain open dawn to dusk each day.

Drop-in and Discover begins at 11:00 a.m

Looking for something wild to do? Nature comes alive Saturday mornings at Asbury Woods. Stop in each week for a new hands-on, minds-on, staff-facilitated educational activity that are free and open to the public. Each week will offer a new experience to discover.

Presented by UMPC Health Plan.

Pre-registration required. EVERYONE must register, children and adults.

Magnifying Glass

November 7: Magnifying Glass Hike

Join Mr. Steve and the Explorer Post as they lead us on a hike to look at the different textures, colors, and shapes of natural and manmade items up-close and personal with a handheld magnifying glass.  

Nature Crown

November 14: Making Nature Crowns

Calling all nature princes and princesses!  Miss Kelley will lead us in the creation of nature crowns using natural materials from the Asbury Woods property! We'll then display our crowns to all the Asbury Woods wildlife on a short hike.

Winter Wildlife

November 21: What Do Animals Do in the Winter?

Do you know all the ways animals survive the winter? Join us as we explore the Asbury Woods pelt and fur collection while Miss Sarah teaches us the different ways that animals spend the long winter months.


November 28: Let's Talk Turkey

Join Miss Melissa for a morning of Turkey Talk! She'll share some interesting facts about this feathered fellow, we'll learn more about the biology of this bird, and we'll have a chance to try out our own turkey gobble out in the field. 

Bird Treat

Decemer 5: Making Natural Birdfeeders

Join Mr. Steve and the Explorer Post as they teach us how to make a birdfeeder from slices of bread, shortening, birdseed, and string.  This simple yet practical feeder provides food for a wide variety of seed and insect eating birds.  

Pine Cone

December 12: What's in a Pinecone?

Did you know that pine cones come in different shapes and sizes? Did you know that pinecones are an important food source for some of our Asbury Woods wildlife? Join Miss Sarah as she teaches us more about pine cones and then make a pine cone ornament to take home!

Winter Solstice

December 19: Celebrate Winter Solstice

Let's welcome the lengthening of the daylight  and say goodbye to our longest nights of the year with Miss Kelley by the fire in our picnic pavilion! We'll gather greenery from the Asbury Woods hemlock and pine trees to create a solstice decoration as we celebrate the return of the light.

Big Oak Tree

December 26: Celebrate the Mighty Oak Tree

Hike out to the Grandfather Tree, Asbury Woods' own mighty oak, for an outdoor story time with Miss Jess where we'll follow the life of an acorn that was planted more than 200 years ago and learn more about this wonderful tree. This is a great opportunity for some fresh air after the winter holiday!

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