Asbury Woods Nature Center Staff

Comprised of employees of Millcreek Township School District (MTSD) and The Asbury Woods Partnership (AWP)

Elliott Baker, AmeriCorp Member

Larry Berrin, President/CEO
(814) 836-6189

Pat Lampel, Development Officer
(814) 836-6178

Kelley Lang, Education and Visitor Services Manager
(814) 835-5356

Benjamin Lee, Custodian

Sarah Lewis - AmeriCorp Member

Melissa Martin, Events Coordinator/ Environmental Educator
(814) 836-6188

Kathy Mosier, Administrative Specialist
(814) 836-6175

Sheila Nordin, Volunteer Coordinator/Gift Shop and Craft Festival Coordinator

(814) 836-6176

Gina Pascarella, MTSD Educational Assistant

KayLeigh Rogers, Naturalist/Weekend Visitor Service Attendant

Mark Spitulski, Facilities and Grounds Manager

Lisa Susann, Weekend Visitor Services Attendant

Steve Wasiesky - MTSD Environmental Educational Coordinator