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Low Ropes Course

Low Ropes Course

We're excited to launch a brand new recreational offering thanks to generous donors and a grant from the Erie Community Foundation. Six low ropes course elements have been installed and will be ready for groups to schedule programs. These elements are designed to challenge participants through cooperation, communication, and team-driven problem solving. Groups of all kinds can take on these challenges during a facilitated session with a trained Asbury Woods employee.

Asbury Woods Low Ropes Course

The Asbury Woods Low Ropes course offers groups an exciting, fresh way to experience the outdoors while working to solve problems as a team.  With the help of a trained program facilitator, groups grow their skills in team building, communication, problem-solving, risk-taking and leadership in an outdoor setting.  Appropriate for both adult and youth groups, the Asbury Woods Low Ropes Course, is a positive, physically active experience that invites participants to challenge themselves in new ways.  


Low Ropes Course Elements

Flying V
Balance and brainpower be put to the test as teammates navigate this cable walking element.

Spider Web
Problem solving and creativity are key to successfully extricate your team from the spider’s web.

Whale Watch
Can your group achieve perfect balance on this moving platform?  Communication and cooperation will carry the day on this element.

Tree Traverse   
Large doses of teamwork, planning and communication will ensure your team can traverse this series of cables from end to end.

Vine Crossing
Hold on tight to achieve a safe passage across the hanging vines. Take a risk and try something new on this challenge! Bring your creative problem-solving skills to this challenge.

Swinging Log
Don’t let this one fool you!  Careful steps, balance and taking it slow will help participants walk the swinging log. How will your team make it to the end?

Group Sizes

The Low Ropes Course can accommodate groups big and small. The minimum number of participants per session is 6 and the maximum is 45.


2-hour or 4-hour sessions are available for booking

The 2-hour session will include introductory activities and 2-4 elements chosen by the Asbury Woods facilitators.

Groups of 6 – 14 participants:  $125

The 4-hour session will include introductory activities and 4-6 elements chosen by the Asbury Woods facilitators.  The 4 hour session can also include a short meal break if desired.

Groups of 6 – 14 participants:  $200

For groups larger than 14 participants, additional Asbury Woods facilitators will be added to ensure an excellent experience. 

14-28 participants = $30 additional fee

29-43 participants = $80 additional fee

Booking and Questions

To schedule a group session or for questions, contact Melissa Goodwill at 814-836-6188 or

Low Ropes Course group programs must be scheduled with a two week notice. Less than two weeks advance notice will be scheduled based on Asbury Woods availability. 

Minimum age of participants is 9 years and older. 

All participants are required to sign the waiver below. 

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Low ropes course participates will be required to adhere to current local and state guidelines on safe social distancing and mask wearing. In addition, Asbury Woods staff will be wearing masks. Please note that the course is designed to work as a team and some elements require guests to be in close proximity to each other. It’s recommended that only groups who have already had close contact with each other schedule low ropes course programs at this time. 

Low Ropes Course Birthday Parties

What better way to celebrate your child’s birthday than with a low ropes course adventure!  Birthday parties will be scheduled for two and a half hours.  Two hours will be used for facilitated ropes course fun and the remaining time is yours to enjoy in one of our covered spaces on site. For birthday parties with guests mostly under 12 years old, the family reserving the party is required to provide one adult helper per 5 guests.

$125 (up to 14 participants)  

No charge for non-participating party attendees.

To schedule a birthday party or for questions, contact Melissa Goodwill at 814-836-6188 or