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Virtual Visit

Virtual Visit

Looking for fun educational and recreational ideas to do at home or on the trails? Our virtual visits will offer science and nature exploration, outdoor recreation, and behind-the-scenes looks at the animals inside the Nature Center. 

Explore the Virtual Visits sorted by season below for activities to do in your own backyard or on the trails. New Virtual Visits will be posted each week.

Check out this Virtual Visit:

Virtual Visit | Trail Etiquette for Dogs

Explore All The Virtual Visits Sorted By Season

virtual visit spring


Spring is a great time to explore the outdoors. When buds are on the trees, and things start to look green, you want to refresh and recharge. Check out the list of springtime Virtual Visits below. 

 Spring Virtual Visits

Virtual Visit Summer


Summer is a perfect season to get out and explore. What can you do in your own backyard or on the trails in the summer? Find all of the summer-themed Virtual Visits below.

 Summer Virtual Visits

Fall in Asbury Woods


Autumn is a time to explore the outdoors and learn more about the science behind the changing seasons. Find all of our Virtual Visits from the fall season below. 

Fall Virtual Visits


What activities can you do outside in the winter? Learn about winter habitats, outdoor recreation, and spending time in the snow. Find all of our Virtual Visits from the winter season by clicking the link below.

Winter Virtual Visits