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Youth Volunteer of the Year 2022: Susannah Poese

Suzanne BlogThe Youth Volunteer of the Year is awarded to Susannah Poese.

Susannah Poese hasn’t been volunteering for us long, but she has made quite an impression, contributing over 45 hours since the beginning of June, 2022! She was looking for something fun to do over the Summer and heard about our volunteer opportunities through her high school guidance counselor. She feels Asbury Woods is a great resource for the community, and it is one of her favorite places in Erie, so she didn’t hesitate to sign up. Since then, she has been a key volunteer for a lot of our summer programming.


Working with her mom the past couple of summers at the YMCA Camp Finch in the craft workshop has given Susannah great experience working with little kids. She loves being outdoors and getting to interact with youth of all ages; Asbury Woods was a perfect chance for her to expand her experience and combine her two passions. Susannah has jumped right in helping out with our summer camps each week, along with volunteering for some of our pre-school programs.

She has the best time in our preschool program, Summer Sprouts, where she confesses, “I love working with the same kiddos every week and seeing them grow and come out of their shells. Their excitement and happiness inspires me to be excited and happy!” Susannah’s enthusiasm and smile are definitely infectious, you can tell how much the kids enjoy having her in the classroom. Thank you, Susannah for volunteering your time and enthusiasm with Asbury Woods; we congratulate you on being Youth Volunteer of the Year, 2022.