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Volunteer Spotlight: David Karle

David Karle 2 REV

Combining Love of Outdoors with Volunteering

After a varied professional career in wildlife biology, research scientist, sales training and product development, David Karle has spent the last 10 years in his retirement volunteering for several organizations throughout Erie. While each has been rewarding in their own way, David has found one that is perfect for him: Asbury Woods.

David has been an Asbury Woods volunteer for two years. He was drawn to our October educational event, Scary Creature Feature, and wanted to help as a guide. “There is so much work that is put into these programs, and the staff works tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of it runs smoothly. The children and adults I guided were so enlightened. The children ran from one station to the next, anticipating what ‘not so scary’ night creature they would encounter at the next stop. I heard many wonderful comments from the adults that they were learning new things along with their children. My positive experience had me signing up for more volunteer opportunities,” says David.

David continues, “Asbury Woods is unique in that it is a nonprofit that focuses on the environment as well as education. Their programs are geared to impart knowledge at every level to young and old alike. The staff is friendly and enthusiastic and more than willing to embrace new ideas. They make every one of us who volunteer feel appreciated.

Those are just a few of the many things that have drawn me to volunteer at Asbury Woods. This venue allows me to combine all of the things I love about the outdoors with the opportunity to use my background to interact with people young and old. I’m happy to assist the staff in creating new educational programs, and continue to carry out programs that have proven to be successful in the past.

For those of you considering volunteering for a worthwhile organization but are not sure where to begin, I suggest you stop in and talk to the staff at Asbury Woods. There are so many positions that they need help with, such as caring for the gardens and hiking paths, to working with the public. You can volunteer for just an hour to spend an entire day based on your own schedule. The staff is so grateful for the support.

If busy schedules prevent you from volunteering, I encourage you to at least come out to this beautiful facility and grounds to enjoy its natural beauty.”