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Group Volunteer of the Year 2022: NeuroRestorative

NeorRestorative BlogThe Group Volunteer of the Year is awarded to NeuroRestorative.

NeuroRestorative started volunteering as a group for Asbury Woods in approximately 2003 (then called Anchor Inne).  While the faces of the many volunteers have changed, one thing has remained constant, their dedication to helping Asbury Woods thrive!  NeuroRestorative, in the Fairview, PA area, provides rehabilitation services for individuals with brain injuries.  NeuroRestorative is dedicated to providing a range of community connections and activities for its residents.

Initially, their work started out as small tasks, such as filling bird feeders weekly, and in the ensuing years, it has expanded to include a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, like regularly cleaning the classrooms and main building woodwork, occasionally stacking firewood, collecting sticks or acorns, filling the bird feeders, assembling bee kits, collecting sap from the maple trees and clearing the boardwalk.

Members of the group reflected that they know that even the little things can make a big difference, and they enjoy helping to make Asbury Woods a great place to visit.  The individual members enjoy contributing their skills as well as learning new ones through their volunteerism.  Mary Margaret, the longtime therapist facilitating the group, shares, “Working at a place like Asbury Woods provides our individuals an opportunity to reestablish past skills and/or gain new skills for resume building; it provides social opportunities and gives them ways to connect personally.” Aaron, another group facilitator, added, “You never know what job or task is going to turn out to be something that is also therapeutic for a member of the group.  It’s great to see them learn and grow.”

Besides their volunteer work, the individuals of the NeuroRestorative volunteer group appreciate the opportunity to soak in Asbury Woods while they are here.  They often walk the boardwalk and enjoy nature in all seasons.  Each one of these volunteers has a love of nature and is patient, kind, and flexible. This year NeuroRestorative has reached the milestone of volunteering over 1,000 hours of their time and efforts. We appreciate their passion for Asbury Woods and wanting to make this a better place for the community to enjoy. Congratulations to NeuroRestorative for being the group volunteers of the year!