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Donor Spotlight: Maxpro Technologies

Maxpro Blog2 v2Maxpro Technologies Invests in
Environmental Education

Over the past eight years, Maxpro Technologies, a Fairview-based manufacturing company that specializes in high-pressure equipment, has invested nearly $200,000 in our region’s youth through their donations to Asbury Woods.  Maxpro Technologies has utilized Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program to maximize their ability to positively impact the community while also reducing their corporate tax liability.  Qualifying businesses can take a tax credit equal to 75% of their donation to a qualified educational improvement organization, like Asbury Woods.  When a business commits to two consecutive years of funding, 90% of the donation can be used as a tax credit.

EITC donations to Asbury Woods directly benefit students enrolled in public schools in Erie County by helping to offset costs associated with providing curriculum-enhancing environmental education programs.  Each year more than 5,000 school children participate in one or more of our environmental education programs, including school field trips, summer enrichment activities, and after-school programs.

“Asbury Woods is a wonderful community asset dedicated to providing educational opportunities for children, teens, and adults. There is so much to be learned there that is not available anywhere else in Erie County or close by,” said Paul Bowser, President at Maxpro Technologies. “Where else can we learn about plants and trees, honeybees, butterflies, maple syrup (the sugar shack), and everything else the Woods has to offer!”

For more information on PA’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, visit or contact Stephen J. Engro, Director of Development and Marketing, Asbury Woods, (814) 836-6179 or