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Adult Volunteer of the Year 2022: David Karle

DKarle BlogThe Adult Volunteer of the Year is awarded to David Karle.

Congrats and thank you to David Karle, 2022 Adult Volunteer of the Year!  David has already made a huge impact at Asbury Woods during the little over two years that he has been volunteering.  At this point, he’s pretty much done it all!  Whether helping with ski and snowshoe rentals, summer camp, as an education program assistant or at a festival, David brings a smile and willingness to jump in and make a difference.

When David retired from Steris in 2011, he knew he wanted to put his experience, education and passion for the outdoors to work for the good of the community.  He began volunteering with various organizations, including the SONS of Lake Erie, who strive to provide public access for fishing to our local waterways and he still volunteers at.  In June 2020, he connected with Asbury Woods as a new volunteer because of his desire to education children and young adults about the wonders of nature.  Asbury Woods was an ideal place to do this with his science and biology background combined with his love of nature.

In his time as a volunteer, David has given 310 hours (and counting!) to help Asbury Woods achieve its mission.  He’s assisted with everything from our trail runs, outdoor visitor services, program assistant, festivals, ski and snowshoe rental fittings, summer camp helper and much more!  David shares, “Asbury Woods provides an opportunity to get involved at whatever level is comfortable for you.  I started small and have grown into various roles, including leading education programs.  The dedicated staff is so much fun to work with and I’ve learned so much working alongside them.”

“As volunteers, we are welcomed by the dedicated staff of naturalists to do as much as we are willing to take on. I found that this job was perfect for me.”

David’s advice for anyone considering volunteering at Asbury Woods, “Get involved and try it. There are so many areas that need our help, from gardening to animal care to educational assistant. Nobody insists that you spend more time than you are willing to devote, and the Asbury Woods staff is so appreciative of the help that you provide.”

Thank you, David, for your dedication to Asbury Woods.  We couldn’t do it without you!