Dog Walkers

Dog Daysof Summer

Many patrons of Asbury Woods bring their dogs for a walk in the Woods.

We encourage people to enjoy the natural beauty of Asbury Woods. Walking the trails promotes health and wellness for human and canine alike. Safety is another important component of the Asbury Woods trail experience. We want our patrons and their pets to be safe on the trails. When your dog is on a leash, it protects them from wandering off the trails. It also ensures safety when patrons may meet along the path. Keeping pets on leashes is both required by Asbury Woods Nature Center and it is law in Millcreek Township.

Dogs on leashes are permitted on the Greenway Trail and at Brown’s Farm Barn. Pets are also permitted on the Guided and Touvell Trails near the Nature Center. A dog waste station is located at Brown’s Farm Barn. Dogs must be leashed and waste disposed of in appropriate trash receptacles. 

We respectfully ask that pets are not permitted during events and festivals. If you have further questions please contact Asbury Woods at (814) 835-5356 or email