Photography at Asbury Woods


There are many beautiful locations in the Erie area to take photographs, but we consider Asbury Woods to be one of the most unique outdoor locations.  With a variety of fields, forests, trails, and outbuildings there is something for everyone to enjoy and capture in a photograph.

Professional photographers must abide by our new photography policies.

We are happy to answer any questions or handle any concerns you may have.  Please call us at 814-835-5356.

Photography Policies

  • When scheduling a professional photo shoot at Asbury Woods, please call the Nature Center at (814) 835-5356 to find out if the grounds are available during that time
    • Some of the most popular spots to take photographs at Asbury Woods are also areas that may be rented out, being used for education, or otherwise unavailable for photography at certain times
    • Many outdoor spaces at Asbury Woods are rented by the hour. If you intend to be taking photographs in the gazebo, celebration garden, picnic shelter, or amphitheater for one hour or more you must rent that space. Click here to learn more.
    • Professional photography sessions inside the Nature Center are available if the space is rented by the photographer. 
  • Many visitors may be out enjoying Asbury Woods so please be mindful of park and trail courtesies
    • Do not block the trails, bridges, or any other spaces where others may need to walk
    • Asbury Woods does not allow nude photography on the grounds
    • All photographers must follow standard parking guidelines while at Asbury Woods (no parking in the circle or blocking traffic)
  • Asbury Woods is an area where plants and wildlife are protected
    • Please do not pick flowers, carve into trees, or harm wildlife of any kind, etc
    • Please stay on the marked trails
  • Asbury Woods has a strict no weapons policy
    • While some clients may want to be photographed with their weapons, no weapons of any kind are permitted on Asbury Woods property. This includes guns (loaded or unloaded), hunting bows, large knives, or any other objects the staff may deem to be a weapon
  • Please be respectful of Asbury Woods Special Events throughout the year
    • Do not disturb the set up or tear down of Asbury Woods Special Events
    • Do not disturb or move any displays set up for an Asbury Woods Special Event
  • Please be respectful of Asbury Woods staff and volunteers
    • If an Asbury Woods staff member or volunteer asks you to move or end your photo shoot please comply with their request