What should I do with the baby/ injured wild animal I just found?

Please see our Baby/Injured Wildlife page for more information.

Can I bring my dog to walk on the trails?

Dogs on leashes are permitted on the Greenway Trail and at Brown’s Farm Barn. Pets are also permitted on the Guided and Touvell Trails near the Nature Center. A dog waste station is located at Brown’s Farm Barn. Dogs must be leashed and waste disposed of in appropriate trash receptacles. 

We respectfully ask that pets are not permitted during events and festivals. If you have further questions please contact Asbury Woods at (814) 835-5356 or email info@asburywoods.org.

Trail details can be found on our trail map.

What are your hours of operation?

November 1 – March 31

  • CLOSED MONDAY, Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Sunday noon to 4:00pm.

April 1 – October 31

  • Monday-Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm, Sunday noon to 5:00pm.

Trails are open year round during daylight hours

Where is the nearest…?

  • Rest Room: Restrooms are located inside the Nature Center. After hours, a family restroom is accessible just inside the Nature Center’s front doors. Restrooms are also located at the back of Brown’s Farm Barn and at Asbury Park.
  • Drinking Fountain: A fountain is located beside the Outdoor Pavilion at the Nature Center, at Brown’s Farm Barn near the restrooms, and at Asbury Park.
  • Pop Machine: Cold sodas and bottled water are for sale in the gift shop. There is a pop machine inside the white Asbury Barn across the road from Asbury Woods Nature Center.

Can we picnic at Asbury Woods?

Picnicking is welcomed at Asbury Woods, but we ask that you respect our need to use some of these spaces for educational programming. There are picnic tables located behind the Nature Center, a gazebo on the boardwalk, and other open grassy spaces on the property. The picnic shelter is often used for summer camps and programming, but the opportunity to rent that space for larger picnics is available when it is not in use.

How do we find out what is going on at Asbury Woods?

Visit our programs or events pages to find out about upcoming things to do at Asbury Woods. You can also sign up for our free enewsletter in the footer of the website.

What can I do about this bird that’s pecking at my window?!

This behavior usually occurs during mating season and should stop quickly after it has begun. The bird thinks it is seeing another bird of the same species and sex and is trying to defend its territory. Try hanging something over the window to break up the reflection – such as pieces of yarn or a sheet of newspaper.

How can I discourage birds from diving into my window and injuring themselves?

Birds may see only the reflection of the sky or trees in your window, rather than the glass barrier. Screens or blinds may help, but a silhouette shape of a hawk that you can make or purchase may discourage many birds

Can I reserve Asbury Barn?

Asbury Barn on Asbury Road is operated by the Millcreek Township Parks and Recreation Department. To inquire about reserving the barn please call: 814-835-4122.

Where is Buttermilk Falls?

There are no trails to get to Buttermilk Falls. Buttermilk falls is located on Private Property off of Asbury Woods property, but it can be accessed by walking upstream in Walnut Creek from the Greenway Trail.