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Asbury Woods has everything you need to begin an adventure on our 205 acres of preserved property which includes native species, old-growth forests, landscaped gardens, wetlands, boardwalk trails and dirt trails. Our self guided activities are a fun way to explore the trails for free!

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Compass Course

Orienteering is the act of finding one’s way using a map and a compass. A compass course exists on the trails surrounding the Nature Center and is open for use by the public during daylight hours.

To begin your journey, first stop at the visitor services desk at the Nature Center. You can borrow a compass course kit that includes: 5 compasses, 4 different course maps and a trail map. 

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The Asbury Woods property is home to 11 permanent geocaches. Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunt and is done using a GPS unit or an app on a mobile device. Once you have the coordinates of a geocache you follow your GPS until you are in the right area and then the search is on!

To begin your geocache adventure stop at the Nature Center for a kit that includes: A GPS unit, a geocaching info guide and a trail map 

Preschool Nature Discovery

Scavenger Hunt

Within the Asbury Woods Nature Center Exhibit Hall visitors of all ages enjoy native live animal habitats, a turtle pond, an amphitheater/program area, and a live honeybee hive exhibit – a favorite for many. All exhibits are designed to help visitors learn about native animals they might encounter on the Center’s trails or in their neighborhood. 

To begin your adventure, visit the Gift Shop for an exhibit hall scavenger hunt. Our youngest visitors will enjoy spotting the clues listed in the activity.