Traveling Programs

Asbury Woods Partnership is pleased to offer a selection of traveling programs to qualifying schools during the 2017-2018 school year. These onsite visits are part of an educational initiative that we are able to make available through funding received through the Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credit program (EITC). Schools located in the districts below are eligible to request free programs delivered onsite to their students:

  • City of Erie School District
  • Fairview School District
  • Ft. LeBoeuf District
  • General McLane School District
  • Girard School District
  • Harbor Creek School District
  • Iroquois School District
  • Millcreek Township School District
  • Montessori Regional Charter School

Outlined below is the format for these visits, grade level options, and instructions for scheduling a visit.

Program Format

Asbury Woods educator(s) will provide a one hour program per class at the site of the host school. The Asbury Woods educator(s) may rotate to each classroom to deliver the program.If space and preferences of the host school permit it, the program may be set up in one classroom, allowing the students to rotate to the program.All necessary instructional materials will be provided by the Asbury Woods staff. Each option listed below includes hands-on activities and will generate a product that Asbury Woods staff will use to assess the learning outcomes of the program, which we use for grant reporting purposes.

Program Options


Green Energy (6-8th grade students)

Students will have an opportunity to compare different forms of renewable energy. The program begins with an introduction to the terminology associated with renewable and non-renewable energy, using a whole class activity. Students, working with partners, will then have an opportunity to select one form of renewable energy that they would like to use (wind, solar, or water) to charge a re-chargeable battery in an electric battery attached to a small Lego car. Students will use working solar panels, windmills or water wheels to charge their car battery and then will measure the distance traveled by their car and will calculate its speed. Students will use the whole class’s data to determine which form of renewable energy performed the best.

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GeoExplorers (4-5th grade students)

Students will have an opportunity to work with a partner to use a handheld GPS unit to locate caches hidden on the school property. Caches will contain clues about famous explorers who used technology and their knowledge of science to discover new places on our planet. Students will build on their understanding of geographic coordinates systems and the role of technology to aid in navigation and discovery. A portion of this activity requires the availability of an outdoor space on the school grounds.


Nature’s Recyclers (1st-3rd grade)

Students will have an opportunity to explore how worms act as natural recyclers and contribute to the formation of soil. Students will complete a variety hands-on activities while interacting with a functional vermi-composter. Students will use simple tools to make observations of the worms, their life cycle, and their habitat. Students will create a science journal to capture their observations.

Scheduling a Traveling Program for Your School 

Please contact Kelley Lang, Education and Visitor Services Manager, at Asbury Woods Nature Center at 814-835-5356 to schedule a traveling program.