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What To Do If You See a Bee Swarm

Posted May 18, 2020
Bee Swarm

Late spring is swarming season for honey bees. If you see a large cloud of bees congregating somewhere or a large cluster of them hanging on a branch, fence post, or other element do not be frightened!

Unprotected by their hive, a bee swarm is dangerously exposed to rain, cold, and myriad predators, and generally cannot survive more than three days. Ironically, with no hive to defend, they are much less defensive when swarming. Their focus is protecting the queen bee at the center of the swarm. She is responsible for their continued existence because most worker bees don’t live more than six weeks during the growing season.

If you see a bee swarm feel free to contact the Asbury Woods volunteer beekeeper Charlie Schroeck by emailing him here to safely move the hive.