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We Need Nature Now More Than Ever

Posted May 04, 2020
Dan Franks

Blog by Dan Franks, Asbury Woods Chair-Elect

I try to live by the mantra of “get off the couch” and firmly believe that this is even more appropriate during this time. I encourage people to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and nature. I hope that we’re setting new traditions for people to spend time outside with outdoor recreation. Nature is a wonderful way to relieve stress by exposing ourselves to the fresh air, sunshine, and sounds of the woods.

When I moved back to Erie 30 years ago I looked for a house near Asbury Woods because I had two young children and Asbury Woods provided a great place for them to explore and learn.  Also, I was a competitive runner and the combination of Asbury Woods and Brown's Farm provided places for me to train.

Franks Family

My love of nature continues to be inspired by my two children, Mike and Kristin, who along with their families, incorporate their love of nature with the get off the couch attitude. My daughter enjoys running and biking the trails of Pittsburgh and my son runs trail ultra-marathons where I crew. Spending time together on the trails where we race is so important to me. I believe there is a human connection to nature because of the benefits to the body and soul.

Asbury Woods has nurtured my soul for over 25 years and about 5 years ago I decided to give back to the place I loved so deeply and joined the board of directors. Asbury Woods is a jewel and a tremendous asset for the residents of the region to enjoy. The educational programs, environmental programs and recreation activities are second to none in this region. The mission of Asbury Woods is accomplished, in large part, by donors and volunteers and I would urge everyone to participate in either capacity, or both as I do.