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The Earth's Future is in Their Hands

Posted Apr 30, 2019

As our region, nation and world confront difficult decisions that will shape the future of life on Earth, environmental education and awareness along with an appreciation and understanding of the natural world are more important than ever. At Asbury Woods, our work to provide meaningful educational, environmental, and outdoor recreational opportunities for all members of the community has never been more important.


​​Kindergarten students from the Erie City School District learn about composting and the importance of a sustainable planet. We’re able to reach new students in our community thanks to grant support from the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, a KeyBankTrust.​

We believe that today’s sixth grader learning about the importance of healthy watersheds during a hike to Walnut Creek might be tomorrow’s hydrologist helping to inform environmental policy and planning. Today’s high school student volunteering as part of our animal care crew could be tomorrow’s wildlife biologist examining the delicate balance between human habitats and wildlife habitats. An eighth grader learning about the environmentally friendly features incorporated into the Nature Center might be inspired to be tomorrow’s green architect, designing buildings and cities which reuse, rethink and recycle on scales unheard of in today’s design concepts. The pre-teen attending a Super Science Saturday program might envision their future as a climate scientist leading the way on critical research and data analysis.

If you believe in Asbury Woods and the power of education to change the world, we invite you to join us as a donor partner in our work.

Girls in science room

​Our environmental STEM-based curriculum is geared to equip Erie County students to confidently pursue STEM studies and careers. Thanks to generous donors, the next generation of researchers and engineers are learning scientific discovery and collaboration while thinking outside the classroom.​

Your donation to Asbury Woods ensures the Earth’s future is in the hands of individuals steeped in environmental education. That tomorrow’s decision makers, whether making decisions for their families, their communities or their world are well-prepared to consider the values of environmental sustainability and stewardship and to have a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Every day at Asbury Woods is a chance to see the potential for tomorrow when we are able to educate, inspire and inform through our school environmental education programs, through our wide-range of public programs focused on environmental sustainability and appreciation for the natural world and through the thousands of trail users who know how vital it is to maintain green places for recreation, health, wellness and connection to nature. 

Our donors make all of this possible.


Middle school students hike along Walnut Creek at Brown’s Farm blending hands-on classroom and field investigations, thanks to support from companies, individuals, and foundation funding.

Charitable donations make up 62% of our annual operating budget, ensuring our ability to make an impact today and in the future. Your gift to Asbury Woods is a way to share these values of environmental awareness, sustainability, and preservation of natural places with the children of today and leaders of tomorrow. 

Please donate online and join us in this important work.