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The Animal Corner | Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

Posted Mar 06, 2018

By: Melissa Martin, Education and Program Coordinator

Oliver is a Netherland dwarf rabbit that resides at Asbury Woods. Netherland dwarf rabbits are not a wild breed, they are typically used as pets or exhibit animals because their small size makes them easier to handle and they are known to be trainable. Oliver helps to represent the eastern cottontail rabbit, which is native to our region and can be found in the fields of Asbury Woods.

During non-public hours, Oliver can often be found enjoying some extra hopping space in one of our classrooms, allowing for exercise and bonding with his Asbury Woods handlers.

Spring is breeding time for rabbits and you may notice more of them in your backyard this time of year, especially nests with babies. Mother rabbits mostly visit and care for their babies at night and may purposefully stay away from their nests during daylight hours to avoid attracting predators. If you spot what appears to be an unattended nest of baby rabbits in your yard, don't worry, mom will likely be back that evening.


Oliver is a frequent particpant in our Saturday live animal programs.