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Pumpkin Ash Tree | Treatment

Posted Sep 26, 2018
20180925 131243

Asbury Woods Certified Arborist Mark Spitulski shows a Mercyhurst University Forest Ecology lab led by Professor Chris Dolanc how to inject a Pumpkin Ash tree.  A 3/8th hole is drilled into the root flares located at the bottom of the trunk, a plug is installed, and then needles are inserted into the plugs.  An air pressurized bottle is used to quicken the uptake of the insecticide into the tree.

This tree is the largest Pumpkin Ash located in the state of PA, and unfortunately along with all other Ash trees in our area, has been infected by the Emerald Ash Borer.  If the treatment is successful, these trees will help to reseed the area when the ash borer infestation is suppressed.  There is a 95% approximate success rate when the proper amount and timing of treatment is followed.

This tree is located on the James Wildlife Preserve of Mercyhurst University which is part of the 2.2 mile Greenway Trail maintained by Asbury Woods which connects our Nature Center to Brown’s Farm Barn.