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Name The New Ferret At Asbury Woods!

Posted Mar 12, 2018

Asbury Woods is thrilled to announce the addition of a male European ferret. The ferret is two months old and busy adjusting to his new environment in the exhibit hall within the Nature Center.

As caretakers of these animals, the Asbury Woods staff takes responsibility for their wellbeing by providing each with an appropriate diet, a clean environment, preventative medications and enrichment activities such as time outside their exhibits.

All the animals at Asbury Woods are acquired specifically for educational purposes, not taken from the wild. They go through a slow process of introduction to their exhibits, becoming familiar with their human handlers and are assessed for readiness before being included in a public program.

Our animals play an integral part in helping us fulfill our mission to inspire a greater sense of environmental awareness, sustainability and stewardship. The exhibit animals are often the gateway into learning experiences that highlight species native to our state and region, the natural food sources those animals need to survive in the wild and the role we each can play in protecting natural spaces where animals and humans can both thrive.


Asbury Woods has an exciting new contest! Our new ferret needs a name. Fans can submit a favorite name for the ferret via the contest link through April 9, 2018. The educational staff at Asbury Woods will compile the list of names and present a short list for public voting during the Asbury Woods Maple Festival, scheduled for April 14-15, 2018. For a donation, guests can vote on the ferret’s new name. Asbury Woods will announce the winning ferret name on April 15 via a live stream on Facebook with announcements on www.asburywoods.org.