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Personal Love of the Woods Spurs Donation

Posted Jul 02, 2020

In early June, Jeremy Greenberg, longtime Asbury Woods supporter and coach of the McDowell Cross Country team, undertook a personal fundraising project to help rebuild one of his favorite spots at Asbury Woods.  

Soliciting the support of his friends and neighbors, Coach Greenberg raised more than $600 to buy the materials to rebuild the observation platform in the field at Browns Farm.  Citing his own personal love of Asbury Woods, the frequency with which he and his family use Asbury Woods and the Cross Country team’s long-running use of the property for practices and meets, he wanted to undertake a project to rebuild the existing structure which had fallen into disrepair.  The observation deck provides a relaxing place to sit, a great view of the Browns Farm field and is adjacent to the cross country finish line, making it a perfect spot for awards ceremonies.  

Not only did Coach Greenberg raise the funds to do the project, he also recruited those same people to do the work of building the new observation deck.  Asbury Woods is appreciative of Coach Greenberg’s passion for Asbury Woods and his willingness to engage others in his efforts to improve Asbury Woods.  On your next hike through Browns Farm, take a moment to enjoy the view from the observation deck.