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Message from the Board Chair

Posted Dec 04, 2014

As we look to the future, Asbury Woods Partnership has never been better positioned to achieve our mission and fulfill our vision of ensuring the long term sustainability of Asbury Woods and its legacy. Building upon our success in community outreach through educational and recreational programming, as well as recognizing our ongoing commitment to organizational development and fiscal responsibility, I am happy to report the Partnership is in a growth mode, stronger today than it’s ever been.

Gifts from caring friends like you helped Asbury Woods Partnership achieve great success this year. Most notably,due to the generosity of our donors and volunteers, we were able to offer 475 community programs to more than 12,000 participants. Through our inclusion as an educational Improvement Organization in Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC), we provided programming to 1,400 students at 15 area schools that extend beyond what the Millcreek Township School District offers their students at the Nature Center.

We look forward to expanding our community outreach and program offerings, touching the lives of people of all ages throughout our region. We are committed to encouraging the growth of green leaders and ensuring the sustainability of the Woods for generations to come.

 We The Asbury Woods educators worked in a partnership with the Erie City Mission, through their Urban University program, to provide these outdoor experiences to the students. A portion of the funds we received from the EITC program supported this educational after school programming. Erie City Mission is providing transportation to and from school, after school snacks, and a healthy dinner to take home for each participating student. They also provided a team of caring adults who guided and encouraged these students both in outdoor exploration and in their personal growth. The generous support we received from Tungsten Creative Group and MacDonald, Illig, Jones and Britton through the EITC program made it possible for Asbury Woods to be a partner in the Urban University.

The Urban University program offers both Asbury Woods and Erie City Mission a unique and powerful way to meet our separate organizational missions, while working together to have a positive impact on the lives of young people. It may not surprise you to know that the research in the field of environmental education is clear: children who spend time outdoors are healthier, do better in school, and feel less stress.The research is also very clear that one thing that causes children to grow up to be adults who care about the environment is to have caring and supportive adults share positive experiences in nature with them as children. As a result of Urban University, ten middle school students are doing just that.


        Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hope you will partner with us in these endeavors. The simple truth is that we cannot do it without you. We are truly grateful for your support as we continue to implement the objectives outlined in our Strategic Plan, further strengthening the Partnership and solidifying our place as one of Erie’s most beloved community assets. It is a direct result of the generous donations made by caring friends of the Woods that the Partnership is able to deliver our world class programs, festivals and events while promoting environmental awareness and acting as a steward for the Woods we love Please consider what Asbury Woods means to you, your family and the community, and help us reach our Annual Fund goal of $86,000. Your tax deductible gift is just a few clicks away on our new website at www.asburywoods.org. I invite you to visit the Nature Center, walk our plentiful trails, engage in our exceptional programming or simply relax and contemplate in the charming Celebration Garden. I know when you do you, too, will fall in love with Asbury Woods.


Leslie Marsden, Board Chair

Asbury Woods Partnership, Inc.