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Internship Opportunities at Asbury Woods by Kelley Lang

Posted Nov 18, 2016

For many recent graduates from college and for current college students, the prospect of entering the workforce can seem like a daunting challenge. Many college and university professors, deeply aware of the need to adequately prepare their students to meet this challenge, require their students to complete an internship during their courseof study or immediately upon graduation. A positive, productive internship can play a key role in helping recent graduates to secure their first jobs and to identify a profession that they would like to pursue

.Each year, Asbury Woods is proud to host a number of interns who help to fulfill needs at our organization while gaining valuable work experience and contributing to the effort to deliver on our mission. Asbury Woods’ interns reap significant benefits that extend beyond simply meeting a graduation requirement. Internships at Asbury Woods focus on providing students with the opportunity to gain or develop professional skills that employers desire, learning more about the field they areconsidering entering, understanding different career options that may be available to them based on the degree they are earning, and feeling the satisfaction that comes with doing meaningful work that strengthens our community.

Our internship program runs year-round, with students typically completing either a fall, spring or summer internship.Students may opt to complete their internship requirement over a one month, three month or nine month time period, depending on the requirements of their institution. Students who are working toward degrees in Education, Parks and Recreation, Environmental Science, Biology and other natural science disciplines have all successfully completed internships at Asbury Woods. Asbury Woods Interns have opportunities to learn about and contribute to educational programming, live animal care, trail maintenance, marketing, and the operations of an educational non-profit. We offer a rich variety of experiences and opportunities for students interested in the field of environmental education. We like to say that when you work at Asbury Woods, every day is a new adventure! Asbury Woods interns experience this first-hand.

Most satisfying of all is how often our interns go on to enjoy professional careers in fields in or related to environmental education and how often they return to visit to let us know how their experiences at Asbury Woods have helped them to grow professionally. The goal of our internship program is to foster the next generation of leaders in environmental fields, a responsibility that we are happy to be part of in western Pennsylvania.

We are currently accepting applications for spring and summer internship opportunities. Interested students can learn more by visiting us on the web at: http://www.asburywoods.org/contactus/ internships or by contacting Melissa Martin at 814-835-5356.