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Finnegan's First Birthday Party

Posted Dec 21, 2018
Finns Birthday

You're invited!

Celebrate  Finnegan’s first birthday at the Andrew J. Conner Nature Center on January 5, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. during the free Drop-In and Discover program.

Birthday party guests will get to meet Finn and see behind-the-scenes of the animal care room. Guests will also make an animal enrichment toy,  create their own party hat and sing happy birthday to Finnegan.  

Party guests will also have the chance to make a donation for the animal care program at Asbury Woods or to donate an item from Finnegan’s Birthday Wish List. All donations from Finnegan’s birthday party support the animal educational programming at Asbury Woods.

Event Details:

January 5, 2019 | 11:00 a.m.
Andrew J. Conner Nature Center
4105 Asbury Road, Erie PA 16506

Finnegan's Birthday Wish List

All donations from Finnegan’s birthday party support the animal care educational programming at Asbury Woods.

Gift Ideas


  • Ferret toys
  • FuroVite Ferret Supplement
  • FuroVite Ferret Chew treats
  • CareFresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding

All Animals:

  • Walmart Gift Card (any amount)
  • Buzz n B’s gift card or gift certificate
  • Large sponges
  • Powder free Nitrile gloves, single use
  • New or gently used hand towels
  • Dawn dish soap


  • All natural timothy hay
  • White pine bedding
  • Enrichment toys


  • Reptomin Floating Food sticks
  • ZooMed premium repti bark
  • ZooMed EcoEarth Compressed Coconut Fiber Expandable Substrate
  • ZooMed Gourmet Box Turtle Food

Animal Care Educational Program

Finnegan plays an important part in the educational programming at Asbury Woods. While ferrets are not a native species in this area, they are great ambassadors for native members of the weasel family.  Locally we can find species of weasel, mink, and even fishers.  This ferret will be used to educate students and the public about the entire weasel family.  

As caretakers of these animals, the Asbury Woods staff takes responsibility for their wellbeing by providing each with an appropriate diet, a clean environment, preventative medications and enrichment activities such as time outside their exhibits.

The exhibit hall inside the Nature Center at Asbury Woods is home to 27 animals and a bee colony, all of which are used for our educational activities for visiting school groups, summer camps and community programs.

“Our animals play an integral part in helping us fulfill our mission to inspire a greater sense of environmental awareness, sustainability and stewardship,” says Jennifer Farrar, Executive Director. “The exhibit animals are often the gateway into learning experiences that highlight species native to our state and region, the natural food sources those animals need to survive in the wild and the role we each can play in protecting natural spaces where animals and humans can both thrive.”