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Environmental Educator Summer Intern

Posted Mar 04, 2019
Environmental Educator Internship

Title of the position: Environmental Education (EE) Intern
Location: Asbury Woods, Erie, PA
Application Deadline: Open, until position is filled

Dates:   Summer internships may be completed May – August 2019

Schedule: 25 hours/week on average – 350 hours total

Stipend: $500 stipend paid in two increments over the internship, once at the completion of 175 hours and once at 350 hours

Position overview:

For students who are pursuing the degrees in the fields or environmental science, art, education, early childhood education, or natural sciences, this internship is an opportunity to gain experience work with children and connecting them to nature.  Interns will have the opportunity to learn about planning and developing environmental educational programming for preschoolers and school-aged children. Interns will also be involved with our summer preschool programs, summer camp, and group visits while working with our Education staff.  Interns will learn about the practices and day to day operations of a busy nature center. EE internships begin in May 2019 and end August 2019 and are available to current students and recent graduates.  EE interns work 25 hours/week, on weekdays and occasionally on weekends or evenings, as needed.

 Application Process: To apply for the EE intern position, please email a completed application form, cover letter, resume and contact information for 3 references to Kelley Lang, klang@asburywoods.org.  Only submissions received electronically will be considered.           


  1. Students pursuing Bachelor’s degree in or environmental science, art, education, early childhood education, or natural sciences
  2. Background or strong interest in nature, science or outdoor recreation
  3. Experience interacting with members of the public in a professional or educational setting or volunteer capacity
  4. Some experience working with children is a plus, either as a volunteer or in a paid position.
  5. CPR, first aid and anaphylactic epinephrine auto-injector training, provided by Asbury Woods, must be completed as part of the internship experience.
  6. All state and federal background checks required by PA for volunteers who have direct contact with children must be obtained by EE interns.

Supervision:  EE interns are supervised by the Director of Education and Community Programs

 Performance responsibilities:

  1. Assist Education staff with the development and delivery of group programs on environmental topics for children
  2. Supervise school-aged children participating in summer camp extended care.
  3. Assist Education staff in the delivery of the Preschool Sprouts program
  4. Maintain supplies needed for programs and exhibits.
  5. Work with other interns as a team to deliver positive visitor engagement experiences during operating hours.
  6. Develop an interpretive walk and present it to the public
  7. Any other duties as assigned by the Asbury Woods Director of Education.