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Embrace Winter with a Bucket List

Posted Dec 22, 2020

You might be familiar with the term bucket list. This is the list of experiences you want to have in your life before you “kick the bucket,” so to speak. A seasonal bucket list can help you focus on enjoying the current season. We have three reasons to make a seasonal bucket list and steps to make your own.

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Why Make a Seasonal Bucket List?

A seasonal bucket list gives you an opportunity to try new things. Do you have a standing tradition each season? Great! Keep it going, but also consider the change of seasons as an opportunity to try or learn something new. Consider hiking at a new location, learning a new skill, or trying a new recipe.

A seasonal bucket list helps you experience the season with intention. Let’s face it, some seasons are easier to embrace. A bucket list can spur excitement for every season. A seasonal bucket list can also help you be more intentional with time. It’s so easy to forget to stop and smell the roses or enjoy the changing leaves in the midst of family, work, and social life obligations.

A seasonal bucket list holds you accountable. It's just like a to-do list, but more fun! Each time you complete something on the list, cross it off. You’ll enjoy seeing the progress. If some activities require a block of time or even a few days to complete, schedule it on your calendar.

At Asbury Woods, we want to make it easy for you to get outdoors each season. Here are some ideas for your list:

Aw Winter Bucket List