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Donations Drive Asbury Woods Mission

Posted Sep 19, 2018
Otto Behrend

Each year approximately 51% of Asbury Woods annual budget is supported by charitable gifts.  Charitable gifts come in many forms:  contributions from individuals, grants, corporate sponsorships, special events, memorial gifts and bequests.  Gifts of all amounts combine to help us accomplish our mission to provide all members of the community with meaningful environmental, educational and recreational experiences.

The legacy of Otto Behrend’s charitable gift of his farm for future generations to use for educational and recreational purposes is carried forward today by the nearly 600 gifts we receive each year.  Donations are critical to our ability to provide high value educational experiences for thousands of school children each year; to support the robust calendar of public programs which engage people in environmental education, nature experiences and outdoor recreation; to ensure our Nature Center and trails remain free for the public to use; and help us raise awareness on important environmental sustainability issues.

Nature Center In Early Fall

Donors to Asbury Woods create learning opportunities such as the one Johnny, grade 5, experienced last year and wrote to tell us about, “Thank you for my adventure at Asbury Woods.  I learned all about ecosystems and succession.”  Or the sentiments shared by Bryce after his visit, “Thank you for all you have done for the third grade at Northwestern Elementary.  You inspired us to get outside.”