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Boardwalk Replacement Project

Posted Jul 16, 2019
Boardwalk 1


Updates to the boardwalk project will be posted first. More details and the history of this project are listed below the updates. Expected reopening: October 31, 2019.

August 23 - A few trails adjacent to the Boardwalk are now closed. Please review the map. The outer trails are open dawn to dusk. If you need help navigating the trails or reading our map please visit the Nature Center or call (814) 835-5356, we would love to help you on your next adventure!


July 15 - The boardwalk is now closed. We have begun the initial work for the boardwalk replacement project, funded by the Preserving a Legacy Capital Campaign. We are removing dead and invasive trees that may impact the new boardwalk.

Boardwalk Replacement Project

For nearly 50 years a favorite part of the Asbury Woods experience has been the boardwalk adjacent to the Nature Center, allowing visitors of all ages access to field, forest, and wetland habitats to observe a variety of plant and wildlife species. The final spike for the first iteration of the boardwalk was driven in during August 1972, completing the original 1/3 mile discovery trail through approximately 5 acres of the property. The original boardwalk was replaced in 1992 after volunteers spent three summers rebuilding the decaying structure.

Original Boardwalk Heading West In Pinestand North Of Driveway Chestnut Grove To Right

Original boardwalk from 1972

The 1992 version of the boardwalk still stands today and is 1,700 feet long and 4 feet wide with minimal handrails, sharp turns and steep access ramps. It includes a swamp deck that is used as part of our educational program to teach wetland lessons. Unfortunately, that deck is sinking into the ground, and due to natural succession, the swamp has been drying out and is no longer reliably a wetland habitat year-round.

Replacement of the aging boardwalk was a key project of the Preserving a Legacy Capital Campaign and thanks to the generous donors to that Campaign, the complete replacement and expansion of our boardwalk is now underway. 

Artist Rendering

Artist Rendering of projected finished look for the renovated boardwalk areas

The new Asbury Woods boardwalk will be fully accessible, complying with ADA standards to ensure individuals of all physical abilities will be able to experience the natural beauty of Asbury Woods. The width will be expanded to 8 feet to accommodate wheelchairs and to better serve large groups for teaching moments along the boardwalk. Handrails on both sides, gentle curves, and appropriate ramp slopes will also be featured. The addition of low wattage deck-style lighting will add flexibility to provide additional evening programs.

Additionally, a new section will add 300 feet of boardwalk that connects to an expansive wetland science teaching pavilion over a section of year-round swamp area adjacent to the south side of the parking lot. The science teaching pavilion will provide a covered area for our award-winning STEM educational programs to take place in any weather. The new teaching pavilion will feature a curved roof to match the existing architecture of the Nature Center, a gate to allow students full access to the water to collect water samples, and electrical outlets. The location of the current swamp deck over drying wetland will be converted to an observation deck, an ideal place for a short respite, birdwatching, and relaxation.

Watch the Asbury Woods website and social media accounts for all the latest about the project, timeline, and progress reports.

The new boardwalk is one example of the many ways we are able to invest in our mission thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Gazebo On Site

Artist rendering of projected finished gazebo on site

Viewing Platform On Site

Artist rendering of projected viewing platform on site