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Asbury Woods Partnership Reaches Deal to Purchase Asbury Woods Nature Center Property

Posted Mar 24, 2015

(Erie, Pa.) — After several months of working diligently together, Asbury Woods Partnership and the Millcreek Township School District are pleased to announce they have reached an agreement for the purchase of two Asbury Woods properties. The agreement enables the Partnership to purchase the Brown's Farm property and the Asbury Woods Nature Center property at a purchase price of $1.5 million. The Partnership intends to fund the acquisition through grant monies and a capital campaign that will kick-off later this year. Both organizations have worked in conjunction to find the best solution that preserves Asbury Woods as a regional asset and allows the District to continue its high quality environmental education programming at Asbury Woods.

“This is a win-win for all of us,” explains William Hall, Superintendent of the Millcreek Township School District. “Obviously, the $1.5 million dollars will help our growing fund balance, and the District will save nearly $1 million dollars in operational costs associated with Asbury Woods Nature Center programming over the next 10 years. Additionally, the nature center will continue to serve as the hub of our environmental education programs, which will continue uninterrupted for the students of Millcreek Township School District.”

Asbury Woods Partnership will take sole ownership of the property effective June 30, 2016. All programs, activities and events will continue as usual, and the Partnership is excited for the many new opportunities this deal brings. “By taking over management and ownership responsibilities, it is a real opportunity for us to expand programs, work on upgrading the trails and facilities and provide necessary environmental education to students throughout the region in a more cost-effective manner,” says Larry Berrin, President/CEO, Asbury Woods Partnership. “And, most importantly, it enables us to preserve this beautiful green space for the community to enjoy for generations to come.”