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Asbury Woods is a Treat for All Generations

Posted Jul 28, 2020
Bartlett 1

Asbury Woods is a place where many have made special memories. Walt and Sandy Bartlett are long time supporters of Asbury Woods and shared their fondest family memories of time spent in the Woods. 

Sandy wrote:

"We support Asbury Woods because there are so many opportunities offered for everyone to learn, enjoy, and interact with others and with nature, and we want that to continue for everyone.  

My 94-year-old mom looks forward to walks on the new boardwalk. She enjoys being in nature: listening to the birds and frogs, stopping to sit for a while, and having an even surface to walk on where she feels safe - it’s one of her favorite things to do.  

Bartlett 3

Over the years we've attended classes and events of many kinds, and we have always been impressed by the knowledge, leadership, patience, and skills of the instructors.  They are outstanding. We recently participated in the online presentation about owls. We learned a lot about owls in our area. 

Our fondest memories are of the times we’ve participated in toddler classes and events with our granddaughters. They’ve learned so much in the classes with lots of activities and outdoor experiences as well as what it means to be part of a group.  Being able to see and touch the animal presented during each lesson was a highlight for them.  Seeing our granddaughters learn, experiment, and have fun have been joyful times for us."

-Walt and Sandy Bartlett

If you also have fond memories of spending time with your family at Asbury Woods, please consider donating on Erie Gives Day. Your donation will ensure more cherished family memories will be made in the future.