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An Invitation to Explore!

Posted Aug 22, 2014

By Jennifer Brownlee

Quick! Tell a new Asbury Woods visitor how to get to the swamp.

Now describe how to go from the swamp to the Iron Bog Pond. Can you instruct them through the forests and meadows to get to Brown’s Farm? Where’s Walnut Creek? 

It’s no easy task. Even our most seasoned staff and volunteers end up saying things like “follow the bend to the left, and then go right, walk past a large tree until you feel tired, then down a slight hill…” And some of our frequent visitors don’t even realize that there are so many different areas to explore.

But that’s changing! About 100 way-finding signs have recently been installed or are planned for this fall around Asbury Woods’ expansive property. The major intersections of the Asbury Woods trail system now feature new 6 x 6 wooden posts with trail names and directional information. This fall, each of the
secondary trails will also be clearly identified with bright signage.

Within the coming months, staff will complete an updated trail guide for visitors to once again take a self-guided nature hike on the one-mile Guided Trail around the Nature Center. This trail has recently been outfitted with 30 new numbered trail markers that correspond with the interpretive trail guide. These
essential upgrades would not have been possible without the dedication and hard-work from Eagle Scouts Ben Coyne and Keaton Hersch.

The results are already amazing! The welcoming signs are an easy and immediate invitation to get out into all the great stuff beyond the spaces immediately surrounding the Nature Center. In conjunction with Asbury Woods’ new trail map (available both on Asbury Woods’ website and in the Welcome Center at the Nature Center), it’s now a snap to find your way anywhere at Asbury Woods.

Visitors can walk past the vernal wetlands on the Guided Trail. Or follow the clearly marked Greenway Trail through the upland forest to Brown’s Farm and back. Did you know Asbury Woods has paths that are named for several animal species commonly seen at the Woods?

On your next visit, hit up our trail system! In total, there are 4.5 miles of trails and paths through forests, meadows and wetlands. And thanks to our new signs, you can get to the swamp. To the Grandmother Tree. Through the meadows and forests, and then over to the creek.

GPS optional!