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Adventures From a Bluebird Hike

Posted Jul 13, 2018

A Blog Entry by Katelyn Meyer

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Having never attended a birdwatching event before, I wasn't sure what to expect when I was asked to take part in a bluebird watching experience. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The instructor, Mark, has been studying blue birds for 23 years and had lots of interesting information to share in a format that was easy to understand. 

Rather than watching the birds from afar, Mark opened several of the bird boxes around Asbury Woods and pulled out the nests so we could see the birds up close. Several of the nests had eggs, and one even contained four baby blue birds. Mark estimated the bluebirds were a mere five days old, as they were just beginning to open their eyes. 

It was an amazing experience, and one I am so glad I was asked to take part in. I would fully recommend this program to anyone, birdwatching experience or not.