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How to Nature Journal

Nature Journal

In this three-part Virtual Visit, we return to the backyard with Environmental Educator Jessica Stefano to learn about the art and practice of Nature Journaling. In Part One (0:00:42), Jessica will share some interesting facts about why we might want to start nature journaling and will give us the basics of getting started. In Part Two (0:03:26), we’ll head out to the field to talk about the kinds of things we might include in our nature journal while observing the world around us. And finally, in Part Three (0:07:42) we’ll add some finishing touches to our nature journal to make it our own. Grab some paper and a pencil and join us as for this fun and creative Virtual Visit!

Send in your nature journal poems, sketches, and more to info@asburywoods.org  or tag #asburywoodserie on social media - we would love to share them!

Download samples for your own nature journal: