Volunteer Opportunities

Adult and Student Volunteers

TLC Landscaping / Gardening

  • One time clean-ups, weekly, or bi-weekly tending

Individuals and groups are needed to weed the many beautiful gardens at Asbury Woods

Adult Volunteers

Visitor Services Volunteer

Be the face of Asbury Woods! We are currently seeking visitor services volunteers to greet guests, answer phone calls and other inquiries, and help in the Squeaky Frog Gift Shop at Asbury Woods.

Training to begin in May with opportunities beginning in June. Morning and afternoon shifts available.

For more information on these and other volunteer opportunities, please contact Constituent Relations Sheila Nordin at 814-836-6176 or snordin@asburywoods.org

2018 Volunteers of the Year

Youth Volunteer - Eric Marshall

Eric has been an Asbury Woods volunteer for the past four years. He is a valued member of the Saturday Volunteer Animal Care Crew and in this role helps provide proper care to the Nature Center’s live animals with feeding, handling, assisting with preventative medical care, cleaning animal cages, and assisting in presenting the weekly Erie Wild! live animal program. He also helps to train new animal care volunteers. Eric also spent many hours filming, edited, and got permission to post a short announcement about the Asbury Woods "Adopt An Animal" program to help raise funds for the care of the animals.  He has an announcement ready to air  as well about the annual Honey Harvest Festival and has a few other film projects in the works.  Eric also represented Asbury Woods on the float at the McDowell Homecoming Parade. Eric is someone that can be counted on to be there and not leave until the job is finished. Thank you Eric, we all appreciate your dedication to Asbury Woods.

Adult Volunteer - Ken Spitulski

After many years of volunteering quietly behind the scenes, Asbury Woods is proud to recognize Ken Spitulski as our choice for this year’s adult volunteer award. Ken was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and received his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Toledo. He moved to Erie in 1979 and has been married to his wife Roberta, who is also an Asbury Woods volunteer, for 42 years. Together they have 3 children and 2 grandchildren and love to travel. Ken’s hobbies include woodworking, house remodeling, PC gaming and a true love of all things concerning “SPACE”. If you have any questions about the stars be sure to ask Ken the question next time you meet him. He will give you a very through answer. As a behind the scenes volunteer, Ken has been called in during all hours of the day and night to help with building issues. Ken also takes the lead as our “all things electrical” volunteer at the Schoolhouse Craft Show stringing cords hither and beyond to supply the juice to all of the crafters.

Thank you, Ken. We appreciate the skill and time you give often to Asbury Woods.

Group Volunteer - NW PA Beekeepers Association

This year we are very pleased to honor the Northwest Pennsylvania Beekeepers Association as our volunteer group of the year. This group is most visible helping during our annual Honey Harvest festival giving tours, providing honey samples, sharing interactive displays, and inspiring the public to understand and care more about honey bees. The expertise of the beekeepers is what allows that festival to truly shine. There are many other ways that the beekeepers association helps Asbury Woods that often go unnoticed. Have you enjoyed watching the bees in our demonstration hive? Beekeeper Charlie Schroeck devotes countless hours to our bees each year. Have you ever searched for the queen and been successful because of the paint on her back? We can thank Charlie Vorisek for marking her. If you’ve ever made a cup of tea and used honey from the kitchen, or enjoyed honey from our gift shop you can thank our beekeepers. Additionally the beekeeping class each springs helps to support the Nature Center and we can’t thank Charlie Schroek enough for answering all of the calls the public has about bees. Like a honey bee, the beekeepers presence may not always be noticed, but their impact is large and helps to keep Asbury Woods growing.