Asbury Woods Adopt-an-Animal Program

Adopt-an-Animal for just $30 a year!

The animals at Asbury Woods Nature Center play a vital role in our mission of education and enjoyment of the natural world. Each species is either native to our area or a domesticated version of our local species. Each year our education animals meet over 10,000 visitors and students. Your financial support through a symbolic animal adoption will help us to provide food, medicine, enrichment, and more to our animals.

Every adoption will be purchased in someone’s name. That person will receive a certificate and photo of the adopted animal, a scheduled personal visit with the animal, and recognition in the Asbury Woods exhibit hall and on the Asbury Woods website. Animal “adoptions” can make wonderful gifts or be used to honor and memorialize loved ones. An animal adoption is good for one year.

Support for our animals is best done through monetary donations or “adoptions”. Please do not donate any items listed below as the staff at Asbury Woods must ensure the highest quality and proper types of food, medicine, and supplies are used with our animals.  Thank you for your understanding!

Meet Our Animals!

Rabbit – Hi, I’m Oliver! I am a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, but I look just like a native Eastern Cottontail Rabbit. I love spending my days playing and eating as much hay as I can get! Support for me would be used to purchase food, treats, and toys.

Box Turtles – My name is Dexter and I’m one of three Box Turtles that live at Asbury Woods. My buddy Fridge is a little bit shy, and Gertrude is busy lounging in the sun so I’ll do all the talking. We turtles don’t have many hobbies so most of our time is spent relaxing in the sunlight and eating. Boy do we love eating. Worms are our favorite! Support for us would be used to purchase food like worms and vegetables, and preventative medicines we need to keep us healthy and happy at Asbury Woods.

Fish – Smallmouth bass, here! I’m one of many native freshwater fish living here at Asbury Woods. We spend all of our time swimming and enjoying splashing visitors when they feed us! Support for us would be used to purchase the special food we need to stay happy and healthy.

Pond Turtles – Hi, there! We turtles couldn’t be happier swimming in our pond and basking by the big windows. Support for us would buy delicious food, preventative medicine that keeps us healthy and happy, and also the special lightbulbs we need to keep us toasty warm.

Tree Frogs – Hello! I'm one of two gray tree frogs living at Asbury Woods. We are often seen hiding on tree branches and in the leaves of our homes. Our excellent camouflage can sometimes make us hard to see. Although we love to eat all types of bugs, crickets would be purchased through your support.

Toad – The fine folks at Asbury Woods like to call me Mr. Toad. I think it’s quite dignified, myself. I spend my days chatting with the tree frog that I live with. Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a tree frog and I climb the branches in my enclosure. Everyone seems to think it’s funny. Support for me would purchase my favorite food, crickets.

Salamander – Oh, hello. Sorry I'm so sleepy, but I'm nocturnal and not usually up this time of day. Two of us live here at the Nature Center. As salamanders we spend most of our time hiding and sleeping under logs, rocks, and especially our water dish! We’re most active when no one is around, but we’re always happy to wake up and eat a snack! Support for us would cover buying our delicious crickets.

Black Rat Snake – Greetings, I’m George. Some of you may be frightened of a snake like me, but I’m nicknamed “Gentle George” because of my sweet personality. Like my name suggests, I love eating a rat or a few mice each week. Support for me would be used to purchase my food and special light bulbs I need to keep me warm all year round.

Ferret – Hello! I’m PJ, Asbury Woods’ resident entertainer. I always find a way to put a smile on everyone’s face! I have two speeds, running around like crazy or asleep! If you support me the folks at Asbury Woods can buy me more treats, food, litter, and toys. 

Skink– I'm Alex! I sure love living at Asbury Woods and climbing in my tree. I spend most of my time resting peacefully under my heat lamp. Life is pretty easy for a skink! Support for me would purchase delicious meal worms and crickets.

Garter Snake – Hi there. Excuse me for being a little bit shy, but I'm often afraid that people don't like me.  There's nothing to fear, though, because, I don't want to hurt anyone!  Snakes like me are good for keeping bug populations down in your yard.  Speaking of bugs, support for me would help to purchase the worms, crickets, and other bugs I eat at the Nature Center.  I also need special light bulbs to keep me warm and healthy.

Asbury Woods Animal Adoption FAQ

Do I get to take the animal I adopted home?

  • No. The adoptions are symbolic and the money will be used to care for the animal at the Nature Center. You will receive a photo of the animal, a certificate of adoption, a personal meeting with the animal, and you’ll be recognized in our exhibit hall and also on our website.

Can I name the animal I adopt?

  • The animals at Asbury Woods already have names. We’ll let you know the name of the animals when you adopt them if you don’t already know them.

Am I the only one to adopt a certain animal?

  • Usually not. We would hope that every animal would be adopted, but some of our animals are more popular than others.

Can I adopt more than one animal at once?

  • Of course! Each animal adoption costs $30 and you’re free to adopt as many as you’d like.

What happens if an animal is not adopted?

  • Don’t worry, everyone will still get fed! The money from the adoptions will be placed into a general animal care fund. It will be spent to provide all of the animals with the food and care that they need.

What happens if the animal I adopted passes away?

  • The difficult reality of caring for so many animals is that they unfortunately cannot live forever. While our animals are given the best of care, they do all eventually pass away. In this case money from the adoptions would help us to pay to replace the animal that we have lost. Your adoption will then transfer to the new animal.

How soon after adopting an animal do I get to meet it?

  • There’s always something fun going on at the Nature Center so scheduling your visit could take up to three weeks. Your adoption certificate and photo of the animal will be mailed in the week following the official adoption.

Can I sponsor more than one animal?

  • Absolutely! The more the merrier.

Can I renew my sponsorship next year?

  • Yes, we’d definitely appreciate your continued support! You can choose to adopt the same animal or a different animal from year to year.

For more information about the Asbury Woods Adopt-an-Animal program please contact Melissa Martin at or at 814-835-5356